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About me

Research Interests

Over a number of years, my interests have centred on Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation, and Classical Logic and Databases but I have also carried out work in the areas of Computational Complexity and Decision Theory.


I earned my Ph.D. Degree in Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence from IRIT Lab - Toulouse University, France in fall 2012.


I'm currently an Associate Professor at the Lebanese university and Game Design and Development Master Supervisor from 2016.

What I Teach Now

Introduction to Computer Science (I1100)

This course gives a general overview of computer science domain by introducing different sub-domains (architecture, operating system, networks, programming languages, ...)

Algorithmics, Programming (I1101)

The objective of this module is to introduce students to the basics of imperative programming which is one of the most effective paradigms of modern programming.

Data Structures (I2206 - INFO 205)

Students learn to develop applications where complete implementation requires high skills in structured programming domain. The main objectives are to specify, conceive and develop modules implementing the fundamental data structures and to choose the most appropriate data structure to represent data in a given problem and to allow its resolution by applying efficient and optimal operations.

Functional Programming (I2232)

Students learn to provide the theoretical basis for the study and modeling of reasoning, to become familiar with the paradigms of functional programming, study its characteristics and know its fundamental principles, and to acquire practical experience in functional programming using good programming practices: abstraction, generality, modularity, reliability, performance.

Advanced Algorithms (I3341)

This course explores advances in algorithm design, algorithm analysis and data structures. The primary focus is on advanced data structures. Topics include advanced trees structures, disjoint sets, heaps, algorithm design techniques, data structures for strings and linear programming algorithms. Finally, we discuss NP-completeness.

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Master inGame Design& Development

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